Urdu flashcards


Flashcards for the Urdu-Nasta’līq script, made from the Wikipedia alphabet chart. As common Urdu is quite the same as Hindi, it is a small step to learn to read it as well.

Best cut and paste the glyphs on strong (300+ gsm) paper cards yourself, no fancy digital stuff, so you can take your time, as needed for learning anyway.

A textscanning workflow

For a project that involved dozens of print pages to be saved as textdocuments, I used the Tesseract OCR program together with the Netpbm library. Here’s what the three step workflow looks like.


Teksteditor Yudit

om purnamadah

For editing my Hindi words list, I use open-source texteditor Yudit. Though a plain, Spartan, interface, it does the job of typing Devanagari text.

Yudit was installed using MacPorts.


Hindi woordenlijstje

Back from Mussoorie Landour Language school. Copied the Hari Kitaab (Green Book) vocabulary lists up to and including lesson 18. Typed in Yudit and pasted into an OpenOffice document.
Download the Hindi vocabulary (PDF 135KB)