Raspberry Pi Hometheater

Raspberry Pi Hometheater

I was a happy user of the first model Apple TV. Then the iTunes ecosystem grew bigger and bigger. On top of that the new Apple TV is cloud- or network-based only. Not all my music can be found in the cloud, and I prefer it nearby, i.e. without the need of access to some NAS or other PC in the network. So I switched to a Raspberry Pi model 2B and 500GB harddisk in combination with Kodi.

Recently I upgraded this box with the model 3 Pi. Here follows the configuration.


RepRap Mendel hot-end tuning

Hot-end Temperature graph

Tuning the Mendel hot-end, using a Tcl/Tk script for temperature sampling. The firmware used is Marlin v1 on Arduino 1.3.


Finite Element Modeling


My first, modest, steps in modeling the heaterbarrel of my RepRap 3D Printer. Starting with a 2D model. Not taking into account real-life stuff such as convection, radiation and other effects (I am probably not even aware of :-)




Voor het ontwikkelwerk aan de RepRap printerkop een draaibankje gekocht bij VDH in Utrecht.

Wat handige links:

Nanotec stepperdriver breakout


Now working on a small breakout board for the Nanotec microsteppercontroller. To be used in the RepRap 3D Printer.

For those interested, you can download the Eagle files (.zip 291 KB)
The parts-list you can find on Thingiverse.


3D Printer

For the RepRap 3D printer ordered the generation 2 electronics at RRRF. The PWM and DC motor driver kits are sold out :-(
The Cartesian (Silver) kit at Bits From Bytes.