Calibre splash screen

As more and more e-books become available, it is time to set up an ebook library. The first open source alternative found, Calibre, turns out to be very useful and also does it connect to my (Kobo Glo) e-reader.


Digital Storage USB oscilloscope on iMac

OpenHantek GUI

OpenHantek GUI Qwt

Switched from HantekDSO to OpenHantek for the Voltcraft model 2090 DSO.

The OpenHantek GUI adds a bit more flexibility, e.g. export to PDF, PS, JPG or CSV data.


A textscanning workflow

For a project that involved dozens of print pages to be saved as textdocuments, I used the Tesseract OCR program together with the Netpbm library. Here’s what the three step workflow looks like.


Formulas in OpenOffice

Studying the Finite Element Method, I ran into a booklet with some math exercises, Exploratory Examples – for Real Analysis, by J.E. Snow and K.E. Weller, ISBN 0-88385-734-0.
Just for the fun of finally using OOO formulas ;-), I created this OOO calc document for exercise 1.2.

Finite Element Modeling


My first, modest, steps in modeling the heaterbarrel of my RepRap 3D Printer. Starting with a 2D model. Not taking into account real-life stuff such as convection, radiation and other effects (I am probably not even aware of :-)


Digital Storage Oscilloscope on iMac

HantekDSO Qt4.png

For the few who consider using a USB Digital Storage Oscilloscope on Mac OS X. The Voltcraft (i.e. Hantek) model 2090 DSO can be used on the Mac in combination with Oleg Khudyakov’s HantekDSO (Linux) software.


Dem bones (not the song)

Yeah, just when things got interesting I broke my collarbone. Being an allweather biker for over twenty years I reckoned something like this could happen someday. That day was yesterday.
The pain is bearable, there’s enough things to do to do BUT any tinkering. Which will not be possible the coming weeks…


Status 9 april, btw that is is a comminuted fracture. Then again, an opportunity to get to know Dicom better. The (Open?) Digital Imaging standard used at the local hospital. With Osirix, an open source Dicom viewer, you can view your X-ray images on your Mac too ;-)

QCad 2.0.5 on Intel Mac OS X


Looking for a program to view and edit .dxf files on the Mac I stumbled upon QCad from Ribbonsoft. This allows you to view and edit Autocad DXF files.


Organizer drawer


Waiting for the RepRap Cartesian parts being delivered, completed today my first 3D object, an organizer drawer :-).

The Blender crash course, that is tutorials, found at rab3d.com, starting with the 608 Bearing tutorial was very helpful.

MyPeoplebook adressenlijst

Een eenvoudige adressenlijst voor het Joomla [voorheen Mambo] content management pakket. Bedoeld voor diegene die snel een eigen maatwerk oplossing zoekt voor een filiaal-, leveranciers- of wat-dan-ook voor adressenlijst.