Save OpenOffice document Calc document via FTP

Save FTP.png

To keep track of various lists, such as books read, I use the CSV Touch iPhone app.

To publish the Calc documents on my website, I created this simple macro that shows a dialogue for userid and password before saving the spreadsheet as CSV file via FTP.

OOO Basic save FTP macro and dialog (ZIP 4KB)

Formulas in OpenOffice

Studying the Finite Element Method, I ran into a booklet with some math exercises, Exploratory Examples – for Real Analysis, by J.E. Snow and K.E. Weller, ISBN 0-88385-734-0.
Just for the fun of finally using OOO formulas ;-), I created this OOO calc document for exercise 1.2.



Make engraved music sheets with Lilypond. A typical workflow to create a sheet looks like this:

  1. create a textdocument, e.g., with texteditor;
  2. run Lilypond
  3. check the Postscript and, if any, Midi files
  4. if not ok, edit the textdocument and go back to step 2.

This shellscript supports the process. It shows a dialog to select the Lilypond source-document and subsequently asks to redo or stop.

The script uses X11 XDialog which was installed using MacPorts.
Music engravings can be embedded in an Open Office document with OOOLilypond.
A quick introduction to Lilyond by M. Lamers.