Short Duets


A year after my introduction into music with the descant recorder, I now mastered the treble recorder well enough to play the accompaniment part of Henry Purcell’s Short Duets. The booklet contains brilliant pieces for the late beginner flute player.

Here is the electronic version (PDF 600KB) I created with Lilypond.




Make engraved music sheets with Lilypond. A typical workflow to create a sheet looks like this:

  1. create a textdocument, e.g., with texteditor;
  2. run Lilypond
  3. check the Postscript and, if any, Midi files
  4. if not ok, edit the textdocument and go back to step 2.

This shellscript supports the process. It shows a dialog to select the Lilypond source-document and subsequently asks to redo or stop.

The script uses X11 XDialog which was installed using MacPorts.
Music engravings can be embedded in an Open Office document with OOOLilypond.
A quick introduction to Lilyond by M. Lamers.