SphereBot Arduino shield

Arduino Uno shield

An Arduino (Uno) shield for two stepper-motors, one Servo motor, and an alternative output. For the SphereBot, another Egg-Bot derivative.
This SphereBot is built with a retired Sparkfun Arduino Ethernet Pro board and the steppermotors from a 2009 Makerbot. Firmware and host sw (fork) from thunderbug1.

Download the Eagle schematics and board (100 KB).


A simple Time Domain Reflectometer

Time Domain Reflectometer PCB Component side

I built the simple signal generator described in Electronic Design. The same circuit you find on ZL1NC and epanorama. Together with an Oscilloscope it can be used to find a cable fault as described in this All about Circuits article.
The 74AC14 SMD is mounted on the board its trace side. All other parts are through-hole. Most parts were salvaged from old electronics. You can adapt the PCB to your needs.


Ciclop scanner shield

Ciclop scanner shield

BQ’s Ciclop scanner comes with its own ZUM boards. My home made version is built with parts lying around, such as an Arduino Uno. Hence this simple shield for the Uno.

Download the Eagle schematics and board (100 KB).

Digital Storage USB oscilloscope on iMac

OpenHantek GUI

OpenHantek GUI Qwt

Switched from HantekDSO to OpenHantek for the Voltcraft model 2090 DSO.

The OpenHantek GUI adds a bit more flexibility, e.g. export to PDF, PS, JPG or CSV data.


Wake on LAN

To enable wake-on-LAN over the Internet, the open hardware platform Arduino is used.

Not all routers support wake-on-LAN from the Internet to LAN. This depends on whether you can configure the ARP cache and send or forward a WOL broadcast package.

To support WOL, in this case on an Apple TimeCapsule, an Arduino Ethernet Pro board is used. Thus having a low-power device (Arduino) listening for WOL.

Both the Arduino board and machine to wake-up are connected via Ethernet to the TimeCapsule. The Arduino is powered using the TimeCapsule USB port.


Nanotec stepperdriver breakout


Now working on a small breakout board for the Nanotec microsteppercontroller. To be used in the RepRap 3D Printer.

For those interested, you can download the Eagle files (.zip 291 KB)
The parts-list you can find on Thingiverse.


Digital Storage Oscilloscope on iMac

HantekDSO Qt4.png

For the few who consider using a USB Digital Storage Oscilloscope on Mac OS X. The Voltcraft (i.e. Hantek) model 2090 DSO can be used on the Mac in combination with Oleg Khudyakov’s HantekDSO (Linux) software.