Ciclop scanner shield

Ciclop scanner shield

BQ’s Ciclop scanner comes with its own ZUM boards. My home made version is built with parts lying around, such as an Arduino Uno. Hence this simple shield for the Uno.

Download the Eagle schematics and board (100 KB).

RepRap Mendel hot-end tuning

Hot-end Temperature graph

Tuning the Mendel hot-end, using a Tcl/Tk script for temperature sampling. The firmware used is Marlin v1 on Arduino 1.3.


Wake on LAN

To enable wake-on-LAN over the Internet, the open hardware platform Arduino is used.

Not all routers support wake-on-LAN from the Internet to LAN. This depends on whether you can configure the ARP cache and send or forward a WOL broadcast package.

To support WOL, in this case on an Apple TimeCapsule, an Arduino Ethernet Pro board is used. Thus having a low-power device (Arduino) listening for WOL.

Both the Arduino board and machine to wake-up are connected via Ethernet to the TimeCapsule. The Arduino is powered using the TimeCapsule USB port.