For the few who consider using a USB Digital Storage Oscilloscope on Mac OS X. The Voltcraft (i.e. Hantek) model 2090 DSO can be used on the Mac in combination with Oleg Khudyakov’s HantekDSO (Linux) software.

Having KDE installed anyway, here is an example of what KDE looks like on the iMac.


Syscompdesign has a simple DSO and OSS software that works on OS X. The 2MHz bandwith I consider too low for my use though.

In search for other suitable DSO’s I found none other. What I did find was the HantekDSO package from Oleg K. This opens up the Hantek (Voltcraft and the like) DSO for use under Linux. In short, I managed to compile HantekDSO under OS X (10.5.7) and tested it with the Hantek 2090 (40Mhz) model.

2012-05-02 Update: installation details for HantekDSO 0.5.4 on OS X 10.6.8

$ sudo port install kde      ## dependency (would kdelibs3 and kdeutils3 suffice?)
$ sudo port install binutils ## due to libbfd dependency
$ sudo tar xvfz HantekDSO-0.5.4.tar.gz
$ cd HantekDSO
$ sudo ./configure 
--with-extra-libs=/opt/local/lib/x86_64  ## my libiberty location
Warning: you chose to install this package in /opt/local/HantekDSO,
but KDE was found in /opt/local.
For this to work, you will need to tell KDE about the new prefix, by ensuring
that KDEDIRS contains it, e.g. export KDEDIRS=/opt/local/HantekDSO:/opt/local
Then restart KDE.
Good - your configure finished. Start make now
## -I/opt/local/include added to DEFAULT_INCLUDES in dsoextractfw/Makefile.in ## http://avahi.org/ticket/194
## -I/opt/local/include added to DEFAULT_INCLUDES in dsoextractfw/Makefile.in
## dsoextractfw_LDADD = -lbfd -liberty -lintl added to dsoextractfw/Makefile.in
## include <malloc.h> commented out and added
#include <stdlib.h> in dsoextractfw/dsoextractfw.c ##  http://developer.apple.com/technotes/tn2002/tn2071.html
$ sudo make
$ sudo make install
Test in X11 terminal:
$ cd /opt/local/HantekDSO/bin
$ ./hantekdso
=> Ok
Optionally generate documentation using (MacPorts) Doxygen:
$ cd /opt/local/HantekDSO/HantekDSO
$ sudo doxygen -g ## generate template configuration file (in Doxyfile)
$ sudo vi Doxyfile
## set projectname and doc options:
$ sudo doxygen ## generate documentation (in ./html)
=> Open ./html/index.html in Safari
Extract firmware from the Voltcraft Driver CD:
$ cd /opt/local/HantekDSO/bin
$ sudo cp /Volumes/DSO-2090 USB/Driver/DSO20901.sys .
$ sudo cp /Volumes/DSO-2090 USB/Driver/DSO20902.sys .
$ sudo mv DSO20901.sys DSO20901.SYS ## want extractfw zoekt met uppercase extensie
$ sudo mv DSO20902.sys DSO20902.SYS
$ sudo ./dsoextractfw
Load firmware using <a href="http://github.com/nall/nexys2-osx/tree/master">fxload-osx</a> (built with xcode):
$ ./fxload-osx -t fx2 -I DSO2090_firmware.hex -s DSO2090_loader.hex -D 04b4:2090
And, finally, run HantekDSO:
$ ./hantekdso
You can create a shell- or Applescript to load the FW and start HantekDSO.